Serta Sues Casper Over Mattress Supports

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Serta Simmons Bedding is going after Casper, the largest and most popular online bed company, in a recently filed lawsuit alleging patent infringement; Serta argues that three of its patents with registrations dating back to 2006 are utilized in Casper’s new Wave mattresses.

These patents relate to altering a foam mattress’s firmness and support by cutting channels into the foam wherein various reinforcement materials can be implanted. Casper’s advertisements describe the novel features of the Wave mattress as including added support provided by strips of an elastic polymer which are inserted into the foam through cutout channels.

Casper, which has grown from its inception in 2014 to an estimated $200M annual revenue in 2016 will likely aggressively defend these claims and may even raise challenges to challenge the patents themselves.

Source: Home Furnishings Business

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