Licensing Agreements

Precise licensing agreements are required in order to effectively exploit patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Understanding the intricacies of licensing agreements is crucial if you wish to enter a business arena that is restricted because of intellectual property concerns or if you wish to increase your revenue by controlled sharing of your own intellectual property. It is vital that you have the help of a lawyer who has licensing expertise to ensure that these complex matters are addressed in a way to protect your rights and reduce your exposure to risk.

In such matters, a small detail overlooked can cause significant future losses. Hence, the need for the guidance of a seasoned legal professional.

In some cases we are able to mediate an alternative dispute resolution, arbitration or out-of-court settlements for our clients.

The attorneys at The Rapacke Law Group can assist you with negotiations in order to reach a favorable agreement, and if appropriate, advise when the terms offered are not in your best interests. Our personal attention to drafting and reviewing such agreements allows you to avoid generic contracts which fail to encompass your actual needs and actually impair your efforts to reach your desired goals.

Types of Licensing

We Handle Every Type of Licensing, including:

You may be interested in starting a new business, expanding an existing business (extending your territory or the nature of business) or improving the quality of the goods or services of your SME and thereby its market position. In many situations, licensing of intellectual property rights is an effective tool for achieving these business goals.

Businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to provide types of entertainment may require a license or other authorisation from a licensing authority – a local council.

The Rapacke Law Group works with the following types of business to secure favorable entertainment licenses:

  • Nightclubs
  • Live Music Venues
  • Cinemas
  • Theatres
  • Festivals
  • Sports Venues/Arenas

The Rapacke Law Group has experience in drafting various agreements between teams and individual athletes and the producers of merchandise and other products. The Rapacke works with college and professional teams, including the MLB and NFL, AAA farm clubs teams on the professional ladder to protect their design, brands, apparel, and logos and to identify and stop counterfeiters, often working with the federal government to investigate claims of counterfeiting and to stop them from manufacturing and selling fake products.

The Rapacke Law Group also represents leagues, conferences, civic recreational programs, educational institutions, and other organizations involved in professional, collegiate, Olympic, and amateur sports.

There’s more to fashion than celebrity trends, runway shows, and new season rollouts. The industry is an economic staple of the North American economy, and fashion licensing is a growing segment.

For toy companies, they often obtain licenses that will dictate where their product is allowed to be distributed and sold. Unauthorized selling of a toy is a form of royalty infringement.