Litigation professionals with leading industry knowledge

At The Rapacke Law Group we understand that there are times when the infringing activities of a competitor do not stop voluntarily and litigation is the only viable solution. If that time comes we have the experience and resources to handle the matter on an efficient and cost-effective basis.

Understanding your goals and objectives

We make every effort to gain an in-depth understanding of your business goals, risk tolerance, options, and long-term objectives. We then develop a cost-effective strategy that meets your goals and needs.

At The Rapacke Law Group we recognize the impact a decision can have on a patent portfolio and know what it takes to aggressively represent our clients and secure positive outcomes in post-grant proceedings.

A diverse network of resources

We utilize our international network of resources to identify and retain leading technical experts across a broad range of industries. Our IP litigators are known for their courtroom acumen, utilizing their experience across a wide range of industries to identify key issues in a case and develop a plan for a positive resolution.


Our attorneys are well versed in crafting settlements before, during, and after the trial. Our experience is that an amicable settlement can be advantageous for both our clients and other parties.