Your product designs are unique and deserve protection

Whether your business is consumer products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, heavy equipment, apparel, sporting goods, or graphical user interfaces, when a company has invested heavily in the development of its designs, protection is critical. Your designs separate you from the competition, make your products distinctive, and help preserve your competitive advantage. When working with a client to protect its designs, The Rapacke Law Group takes the time to understand the client’s products and the significance of those products in the client’s overall business plan and the larger competitive landscape. Understanding the broader context allows us to write and obtain stronger, more effective design patents, and to create market barriers that protect your products not only from straight “knock offs,” but also from more subtle attempts to mimic the feel of your designs.

Our experience spans the entire life of your design patent

It’s not just about getting a design patent. It’s also about what to do next. From new product development through patenting, litigation, appeal, and even the sale of your portfolio, The Rapacke Law Group can help. We have represented clients on design patent matters in district courts and before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), International Trade Commission (ITC), and U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. We regularly advise our clients regarding infringement, validity, and freedom to operate, and we provide accurate and comprehensive evaluation of design rights as part of intellectual property (IP) transactions. We have recently represented clients in post-grant reviews and inferences involving design patents at the PTAB—both highly specialized matters. Wherever your design patent needs take you, we have the experience to advise you along the way.

When your reach is global, protection of your design rights should extend there, too

Our professional relationships with more than 200 firms throughout the world, help our clients obtain protection for their product designs abroad and help our international clients obtain design patents in the United States. We have direct experience prosecuting U.S. design patents and registering for European design rights for clients from across the globe. We also coordinate filings in more than twenty other countries, and take advantage of international filing systems, such as the Hague Agreement. And, when your rights abroad are threatened, we also have the resources to move quickly to protect your interests.

Obtain immediate protection and relief

When litigation becomes necessary to protect a client’s interests or to address a competitor’s challenge, we are ready to swiftly move into action. The Rapacke Law Group has successfully litigated dozens of cases involving all aspects of design-patent law. Litigating design patent cases presents unique challenges, such as marshaling the right evidence by working closely with experts and survey evidence.

Design patents may be only one piece of your IP puzzle

The Rapacke Law Group’s experience in all areas of IP law, including utility patents, trademark, copyright, and trade secrets, enables us to form complementary strategies to best protect your company’s products on many fronts. Design patents are often applied for and litigated over alongside utility patents or trademarks, and our lawyers draw on decades of experience in all of these IP areas to collectively protect our clients’ interests.

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