Attorney Referrals and Co-counsel

Whether you’re interested in referring a client or establishing a co-counsel arrangement, partnering with The Rapacke Law Group for intellectual property matters will ensure that both you and your client are rewarded.

Let's start a referral relationship:

Partnering with The Rapacke Law Group

The Rapacke Law Group is a intellectual property law firm focused on patents, trademarks, and IP litigation. We regularly receive referrals from all types of attorneys and law firms, including business attorneys, transactional attorneys, commercial litigators, personal injury attorneys, and more. For attorneys who want to be more involved in the case, we can serve as co-counsel.

The Rapacke Law Group offers a new business opportunity with significant benefits for referring your intellectual property cases. When referred an intellectual property case, we will promptly share legal fees with the referring law firm or attorney in compliance with Florida Bar Rule 4-1.5(f)(4)(D) or 4-1.5(g).

When you refer a case to The Rapacke Law Group, your client will receive the service and work-product they expect from a top-tier intellectual property law firm.

Benefits of starting a referral or co-counsel relationship with The Rapacke Law Group

  • We can share legal fees when you refer an intellectual property case.
  • You will promptly receive a case analysis and deal directly with our intellectual property attorneys.
  • Your client relationship will be respected.
  • Our exceptional service and attention to detail will impress your client and make you look great.
  • We can handle IP litigation cases at any stage.

These are just a few of the reasons to start a referral or co-counsel relationship with The Rapacke Law Group.