Kim Kardashian Sued by Makeup Artist for Trademark Infringement


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Another Kardashian trademark application is being challenged. After failing to prevent Kim Kardashian West’s “KKW” trademarks from being approved at the USPTO, Kirsten Kjaer Weis, a NYC based makeup artist who uses her initials, “KW,” in her business and to brand her own cosmetics products, filed a suit in Chicago’s federal court.

The KKW marks were filed earlier this year using Kardashian’s married initials in international class 003 for cosmetics. While Weis has had the KW mark registered in the same class since 2012, it is limited to a stylized design and further stands beside two older “KW” stylized marks in the same class owned by a separate party.

Weis argues that despite the limitations on her registration, the KKW marks infringe on her own and are likely to cause consumer confusion. While this has been going on, Kylie Jenner and NBC Universal were hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit over the “Neon Lips” image being used to promote Jenner’s new reality TV series.

Artist Sara Pope is claiming that the image nearly duplicates a 2015 art installation which features several corresponding features.

Source: Courthouse News

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