Nintendo Sued By Gamevice For Allegedly Copying Controller Design


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Nintendo is being sued for patent infringement over its massively successful Switch gaming console. The Switch has been Nintendo’s fastest-selling gaming device, with nearly 5 million sales to date. The lawsuit brought by Gamevice alleges that the design and functionality of the Switch controllers infringe its earlier patent which covers a “pair of control modules” that the user attaches to a “separate and distinct” computing device.

Gamevice’s patent, as used in its Wikipad device, is essentially for a detachable gaming controller that can be used with a variety of tablet or phone devices to enhance gameplay as opposed to the Switch which is a standalone console. The arguments come back to the Switch controllers and how they can attach to the Switch’s portable screen in a manner similar to how the Wikipad attaches to a tablet.

Gamevice has asked both for unspecified damages and to force Nintendo to halt production and sales of the Switch. If Gamevice is successful here, it could cripple Nintendo in what appeared to be its major comeback in the gaming industry.

Source: Markets Insider

Andrew Rapacke

Andrew Rapacke

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