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Andrew Rapacke is a registered patent attorney and serves as Managing Partner at The Rapacke Law Group, a full service intellectual property law firm.

It is an exciting time to be a part of the medical device technology sector. Cutting-edge innovations that improve the quality of patient care enter the market at breakneck speed, and competition is fierce. Advances in healthcare are being made daily, including the development of new life saving technologies, less invasive diagnostic and surgical methods, reductions in procedure times, and improvements in the administration of treatment.

Not only do innovative medical devices and technologies save lives, reduce costs and medical waste and improve the overall quality of the patient experience, but these ground-breaking technological advances often also offer the companies that develop them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The field of medical device and technology development is poised for explosive growth over the next decade as our understanding of medicine improves and as more Americans than ever before are living longer and better quality lives than they have at any point in history – all thanks to innovative medical devices and game-changing healthcare technologies.

Medical device design, development, testing and manufacture can be an expensive process, leaving you with limited funds to dedicate to securing the necessary intellectual property rights. When your company needs to stick to a budget, The Rapacke Law Group can help. We offer comprehensive IP legal services for medical device technologies and software applications for a fixed fee. Our professionals can help your company:   

  • Obtain utility patent protection on medical devices, methods of use, medical procedures, and more.
  • File for design patent protection for uniquely designed medical devices.
  • Determine if your medical device software or mobile application needs to be protected by utility patent, design patent, and/or copyright.
  • Apply for design patent protection for medical device software, graphical user interfaces and mobile healthcare applications and icons.
  • Register for trademark protection to safeguard your company name, logo, product name, domain name and brand from competitors.

Medical Device IP often requires an interdisciplinary approach

When it comes to medical devices and healthcare technology, oftentimes breakthrough innovations involve interdisciplinary knowledge of biomedical principles, mechanics, engineering, software, electrical and more. Our professionals have a deep understanding of medical technology, science, engineering, business strategy, and years of hands-on experience handling IP matters.

At Rapacke Law Group we understand how important IP strategy is to your overall business success. We help medical device companies large and small, as well as academics and entrepreneurs, to develop an intellectual patent approach that will generate the most benefit for our clients. Contact us today to see how we can help your company protect your medical device intellectual property.

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