Protect Your Mobile Apps Intellectual Property

Protect Your Mobile Apps Intellectual Property

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In today’s tech-savvy and highly digitally-connected world, mobile application development is a booming industry. The mobile experience is ubiquitous – practically everyone has a smart device or mobile platform that gives them constant and instantaneous access to the internet. Due to the incredible versatility of a mobile application platform, many businesses are developing mobile applications for their companies. With easy access to dedicated mobile apps through internet-connected smartphones and mobile devices, it is easier than ever for companies to market themselves directly to their customers.

Having a user-friendly mobile application is one for the most useful ways for a company to engage their customer base, nurture valuable customer relationships, reduce costs and reach new prospective customers. Mobile applications and software are valuable business assets and these assets need to be protected with intellectual property rights. At The Rapacke Law Group, we focus our practice on in mobile application and software intellectual property matters. We can help your company:

  • Develop an intellectual property strategy that is in alignment with your business goals.
  • Obtain patent protection on your mobile application or software.
  • Seek patent protection on how your mobile application or software is used by customers.
  • File for design patent protection for mobile application graphical user interface, pages and icons.
  • Obtain the necessary copyright protection for your software code, app screens, web page designs, and icon designs.

Developing A Mobile Application To Set Your Company Apart

Mobile applications are the next frontier of customer contact. Mobile apps make your company highly visible to your customers and offer your company a direct marketing channel to your customer base, all while promoting your company’s brand and providing value to your customers. A dedicated mobile application could also give your company a distinct advantage over your competitors. Additionally, mobile applications can be monetized, creating profitable new revenue streams for businesses that are willing to take advantage of the benefits that mobile application development has to offer.

The Rapacke Law Group knows that mobile applications are a critical component of business development and marketing strategy, and that is why we work closely with our clients to help them apply for the IP protection that they need. Safeguard your mobile application development IP with the help of the professionals at The Rapacke Law Group. Please feel free to reach out to us to schedule a free initial consultation.  

Andrew Rapacke

Andrew Rapacke

Andrew Rapacke is a registered patent attorney and serves as Managing Partner at The Rapacke Law Group, a full service intellectual property law firm. If you would like to speak with Andrew Rapacke, click here to schedule your free consultation.

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