Trademarks Opposition & Cancellation

We treat each opposition and cancellation as a unique matter. We look at the claims and defenses and the relevant evidence in view of our client’s goals, resources, and the merits of the case. We then formulate a plan to best achieve a client’s goals, whether by settlement or trying the case. In particular, we develop an early discovery plan for each case. We often recommend minimal, targeted discovery and sometimes no discovery at all. In cases where we represent the plaintiff, we create overall strategies, taking into consideration the nature and extent of the opponent’s use (if any) of the challenged mark.

TTAB litigation

TTAB proceedings are much like civil litigation, including initial, expert, and pretrial disclosures. The Rapacke Law Group has a wealth of experience in civil litigation and we have had a substantial practice before the TTAB. Many of our trademark attorneys have extensive expertise in handling opposition and cancellation proceedings before the TTAB.