May 10, 2019
How To Deal With Knockoffs- Amazon Brand Registry

How To Deal with Knock Offs Trying to Ruin Your Products and Brand

Trying to stop counter fitters from undercutting your price and stealing your revenue is like a game of whack-a-mole. Just when you think you’ve won another one pops up, and the fight starts all over again. The easiest place to […]
May 31, 2018

I’ve Been Threatened with a Trademark Infringement Lawsuit! What Do I Do?

It is all too common of a nightmare scenario: a small business or individual receives a cease and desist letter accusing them of unauthorized use of a trademark and threatening trademark infringement litigation if use of the alleged trademark does […]
May 7, 2018

Simple Steps for Avoiding Trademark Infringement

Ownership and use of trademarks can be a significant boon to a business. Trademarks serve as memorable identifiers for goods and services so that consumers can identify the source of the product. Over time, consumers tend to develop a sense […]
April 17, 2018

Can I Lose My Trademark Protection?

Many business owners who are fairly new to the intellectual property game find the process of securing a trademark for their company very exciting. The trademark represents the company, and customers will grow to associate the trademark with the company […]
January 12, 2018

What Should I do if Someone Tries to Register a Trademark Just Like Mine?

When new trademarks are published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), there is a grace period during which any party with the proper standing can oppose the registration of a new mark. Qualifying parties must file a […]
December 22, 2017

What Can I Do If the USPTO Denies My Trademark Application?

A division of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), reviews many legal disputes related to trademarks, including opposition, cancellation, interference, and concurrent use proceedings. When the USPTO provides a final rejection […]
November 15, 2017

NFL partially fails to challenge SUPERBOWL trademark

Although there is often significant overlap between the USPTO and the intellectual property offices of other countries, a recent UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) decision highlights the geographic effects and protections afforded trademarks. The UK IPO granted in part and […]
July 11, 2017

Brand Battles: Mars Says Hershey Can’t Own ‘Scary’ Candy

Mars and Hershey are bracing for Halloween early this year as they face off over “Scary” candy. Mars recently filed a Notice of Opposition to Hershey’s trademark application for “SCARY” in International Class 30 for candy. Mars argues that SCARY […]
February 6, 2017

New York Toy Fair: Toy Companies Five Biggest Mistakes

With the New York Toy Fair around the corner, companies across the globe will be pouring in to see what the new toys and youth entertainment products have to offer. As business owners prepare to roll out their new product, […]